XE80CT Crawler Scissor Lift

Mantall® XE80CT crawler scissor lift has a maximum working height of 8 meters and a maximum load capacity of 230 kg. It adopts rubber crawler chassis, and has the characteristics of low noise, low vibration and comfortable ride in the driving system. XE80CT will not cause ground damage or leave marks on the ground when turning at 0 degrees. XE80CT crawler scissor lift can work on soft ground, breaking the limitation that aerial lifts must work on hard ground.

Standard Features

  • 0.9 x 1.84m platform
  • Tilt alarm system
  • Fault diagnosis system
  • Explosion-proof of the tubing
  • Automatic brake system
  • Safety brackets
  • 200 x 72 hard rubber crawler
  • Hour meter, power display
  • External charging indicator
  • AC socket in the platform
  • All motion alarm
  • Fault code display
  • Flash light
  • Buzzer
  • Proportional control
  • Emergency lower
  • Manual brake release
  • Maintenance free battery

XE80CT Crawler Scissor Lift Specifications

Specification Value
Max Working Height 8 m
Lifting Capacity 230 kg
Overall Width 1.01 m
Overall Length 2.26 m
Weight 1235 kg


  • Handheld fault diagnostic device
  • Overload sensor


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