IMP80J Vertical Mast Lift

Mantall® IMP80J vertical mast lift is specially designed for working at heights in narrow passages and tight spaces. Its mast is made of high-strength alloy steel, with a maximum working height of 8 meters and an outreach working range of 3.15 meters. It is also equipped with dual DC motors and a high-torque reducer, so it has lower power consumption and higher torque. Its structure is compact and light, and at the same time it has maneuverability and outstanding control ability. IMP80J vertical mast lift has a streamlined appearance that sets it apart from other similar aerial work platforms.

Standard Features

  • Lifting capacity 200kg
  • Standard platform with median sliding rod
  • Auxiliary platform lowering System
  • Ground emergency lowering valve
  • Proportional raising and driving control
  • Diagnosis system
  • AC wiring to platform
  • Lowering and tilt alarm
  • Turn inter-radius is 0
  • Double wheel brake
  • Hydraulic brake release
  • Fixed pothole guards
  • The rear shield mounted with hinge, conveniently to close to all major electric and hydraulic components.
  • Transportation fixed hole
  • Wide forklift hole
  • Solid Non-marking tires

IMP80J Vertical Mast Lift Specifications

Specification Value
Max Working Height 8 m
Max Working Outreach 3.15 m
Lifting Capacity 200 kg
Overall Width 0.99 m
Overall Length 2.76 m
Weight 2800 kg


  • Fiber glass platform
  • Goods collection platform
  • Motion alarm
  • Tool box
  • Platform positioning laser light
  • Fluorescent tubes box
  • Working flashing beacon
  • Top limit protection auto-stop device
  • Maintenance-free battery
  • Equipment protection cover
  • Can not be drive when charging


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