CMP10-S Aerial Work Platform

Mantall® CMP10-S aerial work platform has a maximum working height of 10 meters. With its high-strength aluminum double masts and heavy-duty lifting chains, CMP10-S can smoothly lift two workers and their tools with a maximum load capacity of 272kg. Its sturdy steel chassis ensures safe lifting, and the large platform provides workers with ample space to complete various aerial works. CMP10-S aerial work platform is equipped with a dual control system, the operator can stand on the platform or on the ground to control the platform to move up and down.

Standard Features

  • Aluminum Platform Basket
  • Polyurethane Non-mark tires
  • Forklift Pockets
  • Foldable Inclined Ladder
  • Two controls: Platform Control and Ground Control
  • Lower Beeper warning
  • Rotation Platform (CMP18 only)
  • Emergency Lower Down
  • Outrigger Storage Frame
  • Maintenance-free battery

CMP10-S Aerial Work Platform Specifications

Specification Value
Max Working Height 10 m
Lifting Capacity 272 kg
Overall Width 0.8 m
Overall Length 1.48 m
Weight 760 kg


  • Door Type wide Platform
  • Narrow/Rough Ground Chassis
  • Wide Chassis
  • DC Power
  • Tool Box
  • Platform Positioning Laser light
  • Fluorescent Tubes Box
  • Working Flashing Beacon
  • Top Limit Protection Auto-stop device
  • Auxiliary drive wheel
  • Equipment Protection cover


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