What are the most significant developments in scissor lifts over the last year?

Domestic and international users in the past year in the demand for scissors car show a trend of high quality and low price, rather than simply the pursuit of brand; The scissors made in China are more and more favored by domestic and foreign customers. This requires our enterprises to improve product quality, reduce procurement costs, and stabilize procurement channels. Product attributes require simple and easy to use with a very low failure rate; This can reduce the cost of use of the renter. The unique crawler scissor equipment and off-road scissor models showed good growth in product models; It also reflects that aerial work equipment is more widely used in more complex working conditions. The main competitive trend is simple and easy to use, low cost, low failure rate, excellent painting, such products will go longer.

Mantall Heavy Industry adopts modular design to ensure the versatility of the core components in each product line and reduce the failure rate of the products. To further help customers reduce maintenance costs, the core models provide pure electric, and diesel power options. Mantall Heavy Industry launched a new series of products with nearly 20 years of aerial work equipment technology and experience accumulated; The main features of the product are more scientific design, very low failure rate, better handling; We provide more differentiated products in special working conditions to meet the individual needs of customers.

At present, low-price competition in the domestic market is particularly common, and it has gradually formed such a trend. Although it has certain competitiveness in the short term, it is irrational to do so from a long-term and strategic perspective, which will have a great negative impact on all parties in the entire industry chain. Causing many companies to work hard on production capacity, price, and policy, which will have a profound negative impact on brand building, machine quality, and residual value of two mobile phones. In the future, products with moderate prices, high quality and low failure rate will gradually be recognized by users.

At present, the market pattern of scissors car has entered the competitive pattern of low price and excellent policy, and various enterprises have made efforts on price and business policy. A very tough competitive landscape has been created. Each enterprise actively or passively joins such a whirlpool for market sales, and the industry characteristics of high production capacity, low quality, low price, and excellent policy will not change in the short term. In-depth analysis Most customers are most concerned about the quality of the product, so smart companies should work hard on product design, quality control and cost control, so that the future road will be wider and wider.


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