Opening ceremony - Mantall Shenzhen Branch

Opening ceremony of Mantall Shenzhen Branch

On 13th August 2023, Mantall Heavy Industry held an opening ceremony for its Shenzhen branch. The executive director – Ms. Li Ju Xiang, the manager of Shenzhen Branch – Mr. Li Guoxiong and other leaders, as well as many old and new friends of Mantall on the spot witnessed this exciting moment together.

The establishment of Mantall Shenzhen Branch is to better serve the customers and help to grow its business in South China. In the future development, the headquarter of Mantall will be the most solid backing for the Shenzhen branch, and hopes that the branch will be able to stand on a new starting point, keep pace with the development of the company. The branch will actively play the core role of serving the customers and provide them with better and more convenient services to help their business development in the South China.

Opening of ShzenZhen branch


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