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Mantall was awarded ‘2020-2022 Tax Credit Grade A’

Recently, Mantall Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. was awarded "2020-2022 Tax Credit Grade A" by Jiangsu Taxation Bureau of State Administration of Taxation. This is the third consecutive year that Mantall@ has been awarded this honor. This also proves that Mantall@ adheres to the business purpose of "operating in good faith and paying taxes according to the law".

Over the years, the company has always adhered to the principle of "paying taxes according to the law, paying taxes in good faith and paying taxes on time", conscientiously implementing national and local tax laws, regulations and policies, consciously fulfilling its tax obligations, continuously strengthening the management of tax registration, tax declaration, tax collection, invoice management, account book management and other operations, without any tax-related illegal acts. The company has won the recognition of all sectors of the society and government departments.


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