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Mantall Technical Seminar and New Product Launch

In July 2023, Mantall Heavy Industry held a product technology seminar and new product release, the company’s department heads and related management personnel attended the meeting, we also invited customer representatives from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places to visit the Mantall headquarters factory, to participate in the meeting and visited the Mantall Phase I and Phase II intelligent factory workshop, on-site experience of Mantall’s new products and the upgrades to the excellent performance of the model products.

product technology seminar
Mantall intelligent factory workshop

XE140RT Electric Rough Terrain Scissor Lift Advantages and Features

  • Fast travelling speed, quick and flexible transfer, comfortable driving, meet the general off-road working conditions.
  • Low failure rate, long service life and low maintenance cost.
  • The platform column is larger than the common shear fork model, and the length can reach 4 metres after extension.
  • Reasonable design, convenient maintenance.
XE140RT Electric Rough Terrain Scissor Lift


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