Mantall delivered 99 aerial platfromas

Mantall delivered 99 aerial work platforms to BO FENG

In March 2024, Mantall delivered 99 aerial work platforms to BO FENG, a rental customer, as scheduled, and the products delivered this time are mainly the new energy series of Mantall. Since its launch, Mantall’s new energy series products have been widely praised by customers for their stable quality and good cost performance, and have been well received by rental customers.

Electric scissor-type aerial platform features:
Ultra-stable design, greatly improve the safety factor, compact body, wide operating area, double door design, convenient maintenance, fault self-diagnosis, convenient and rapid troubleshooting, automatic pothole protection and tilt protection, to protect the safety of the operation.

Electric straight arm type aerial platform features:
Safe and reliable, strong site passing performance, floating bridge configuration, real-time protection of four wheels on the ground, easy to cope with uneven road conditions, load-sensitive control system, stable and accurate response to action, high efficiency and energy saving, low operation and maintenance costs, high return on investment.

Features of electric curved arm type aerial platform:
Compact structure of the product, while taking into account the high maintenance, narrow and complex working conditions, stronger working ability, electric drive, low cost, low noise, low maintenance, green environmental protection and energy saving.

Crawler Scissor Fork Aerial Platform Features:
Steel crawler with rubber pads, large bearing, wear-resistant, suitable for all kinds of complex road surfaces, single handle control steering and walking, mobile and flexible, support one-key auto-levelling, strong site adaptability, safe and worry-free.


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