XE-M110S Push Around Scissor Lift

Mantall® XE-M110S Push Around Scissor Lift has a maximum working height of 11 meters and a maximum load capacity of 450 kg. It is designed for the lifting work of infrequently moving positions, and usually uses alternating current as the power source. XE-M110S is also an economical lifting solution for lifting people and heavy objects to the desired height. XE-M110S Push Around Scissor Lift is suitable for indoor applications, such as workshops, warehouse logistics, cargo handling, etc.

Standard Features

  • Hydraulic line rupture protection device
  • Screw support leveling device
  • Emergency stop button
  • Emergency lower down
  • Rain-proof control box

XE-M110S Push Around Scissor Lift Specifications

Specification Value
Max Working Height 11 m
Lifting Capacity 450 kg
Overall Width 1.16 m
Overall Length 2.16 m
Weight 1260 kg


  • Power : DC 24V/48V
  • Extended platform(below and included XEM130S model)
  • Rubber solid tires


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